My Image Stories

man playing a guitar

There once was a man who played the guitar. He was quite good and people would often follow him around while he played. The man didn't mind this, but there was something he did mind. He hated the guitar. He liked the fact that people found the act enjoyable, but he really hated playing guitar. He wanted to quit, but too many people enjoyed his music. He was in too deep, and would be forced to play his guitar as long as people followed him.

man stressed out over his computer

Kyle just could not take it anymore. He had been working on his task for over an hour and was growing very frustrated. He had already pulled out at least five handfuls of hair, and his brain was fried. He was suddenly enraged and in one motion he picked up the computer and threw it across the room. Kyle was so enraged that he proceeded to walk over to the computer and jump on it as though it were a trampoline. It sure helped with his anger, but the stomping didn't help him pass the level of Candy Crush that had infuriated him.

men high fiving

John and Jim were best friends who had a problem. There was an evil pirate who kept putting his boat by their dock. The men wanted to do something about it, but everytime they did the pirate told them that they would steal their booty! John and Jim didn't want to lose their loot, so they put up with the pirate. It was getting old though. So one day they got so fed up that they hit the boat several time with hammers and the holes that they created made the boat sink. The men were so happy that they high- fived in excitement and when they pirate showed up he cried and that made the men high- five again!

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