Gabby Biltz

My name is Gabby Biltz and I am a student at Bio-Med Science Academy .
I am very involved in my studies, and enjoy school.
In addition to enjoying school, I also enjoy many clubs that my school has to offer.
I am the vice president of Student Council and I'm a member of HPAC, which is a health care club.
I also participate in Science Olympiad and Math Club, which are both competition teams.
School is a very important part of my life, but I am also very active outside of school.

In addition to all the school activities, I participate in activities outside of school.
Most of the activities have to do with music because music is one of my favorite things.
I am a hip hop dancer at a local studio, and I recently joined the competition team.
I have played piano since kindergarten as well.
I sing in my church choir and I'm an avid member of my church youth group.
Although I am quite busy, I still do have some free time.
In my free time I like to watch Netflix, take walks, listen to music, and go shopping.
That is me in a nutshell!

Youtube is one of my favorite websites.
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